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Exhibition Producer 

Second Dawn // 2018 
Bernardo Zanotta // Installation view  Haarlemse Herfst for Nieuwe Vide

The installation Second Dawn takes the Stalhouderij Vosse in Haarlem as the theatre where a science fiction tale unravels. The site-specific video created by artist Bernardo Zanotta for the Haarlemse Herfst is based on Arthur C. Clarke's 1951 homonymous novelette. Zanotta’s video has the structure of a play within a play. On the one hand, it is the adaptation of Clarke’s text, on the other hand, it follows the process of dehumanisation of the two actors who get in contact with the same text, concerning the loss of one’s vision and the transformation of an ‘almost animal’ community into a technological civilization.

Make Room! Make Room! // 2018 
first solo show of Bernardo Zanotta // Nieuwe Vide

Make Room! Make Room! – the title referencing the dystopian novel by writer Harry Harrison, exploring the consequences of overpopulation on society – can be seen as a filmic experiment articulating references from the Brazilian marginal cinema movement, Hitchcockian paranoia and slasher film culture.

The exhibition at Nieuwe Vide situates the viewer into the online forum Cannibal Café and its peculiar homoerotic fantasies, including a reenactment of the Rotenburg Cannibal affair - where daily life had been impacted by the advent of internet and one’s desire to devour a human body.

"March 2001, Bernd Jürgen Brandes joins the Cannibal Café - where he meets a man writing under the name antrophagus. This man is Armin Meiwes, a computer-technician from Wüstefeld, Germany. The two start an affair which would shock the world later that year, culminating in the arrest of Armin and the devouring of Bernd. March 2018, in the space of Nieuwe Vide, the spectator is given the possibility to gaze into a private, highly mediatized world."

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