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Film Producer 

FEAST // assistant producer
directed by Tim Leyendekker 

In FEAST, perpetrators, victims and lookers-on are embroiled in a dramatic reconstruction of the infamous 2007 HIV case in the Dutch city of Groningen. In seven chapters the film recounts this story of power and submission, the inversion of truth, and the need to belong somewhere.


FEAST is produced by SeriousFilm and made possible with the support of FilmFonds, CBK Rotterdam, Netherlands Media Fund. The film premiered at the International Film Festival Rotterdam in Tiger Award competition. 

2021 /84’
Language: Dutch


Selected Screenings Feast

(2021) MoMa New York

(2021) Underdox, DE (Official Selection)

(2021) Reykjavík International Film Festival, IS (Dutch Focus)

(2021) Nederlands Film Festival, NL (Gouden Kalf Competitie + Forum voor Regisseurs)

(2021) Taipei Film Festival, TWN (New Talent Competition)

(2021) Festival MIX Milano, ITA (Feature Film Competition)

Best Feature Film

(2021) Berwick Film and Media Art Festival, UK (Berwick New Cinema Awards)

(2021) FIC Monterrey, MEX (International Competion)
Best International Feature Film

(2021) XPOSED Queer Film Festival Berlin, DEU (Official Selection)

(2021) Moscow International Experimental Film Festival, RUS (Official Selection)

(2021) DOKUFEST, XKX (Feature Competition)

(2021) Thessaloniki Documentary Festival, GR (Film Forward Competition)

(2021) Bildrausch Basel, CH (Cutting Edge Competiton)

(2021) International Film Festival Rotterdam, NL (Part 2)

(2021) Movies That Matter the Hague, NL (Dutch Competition)

(2021) Kino Pavasaris Vilnius, LT (European Debut Competition)
Special Mention

2021 Cinéma du Réel Paris, FR (International Competition)
Best Debut Feature

2021 International Film Festival Rotterdam, NL (World Premiere, Tiger Competition)

Heart of Hunger // producer
directed by Bernardo Zanotta

The hunger of the heart, the celebration of the body, both exposed and at the same time hidden, like baroque paintings: guilty, ashamed, or even alienated from our voyeur gaze. A secret which divides the actors and their stage-world from the public who has come to witness it; an episodic narration around the unspeakable; two friends travelling in the same boat and playing lustful and sadistic games. The characters in Heart of Hunger may act, feel and experiment, but cannot testify to the relations that determine them. They lose each other, they find each other; the heart is a lonely hunter.

Hearth of Hunger premiered at Locarno Festival and won silver leopard for Padri di Domani.

The film is made with the support of FilmFonds

2018 / 29

Language: English, German, French / Colour 


(2018) 71st Locarno Film Festival - Locarno, Switzerland

(2018) Fringe! Queer Film &Arts Fest - London, United Kingdom

(2018) Absent Without Leave - Rotterdam, The Netherlands
(2018) Supermarket Art Fair - Stockholm, Sweden

(2019) Queer Lisboa - Lisbon, Portugal

(2019) Lovers Film Festival - Torino, Italy
(2019) Go Short - International Short Film Festival - Nijmegen, The Netherlands
(2019) Vilnius International Film Festival - Vilnius, Lithuania
(2019) Rencontres Internationales Paris/Berlin - Paris, France
(2019) Cine Esquema Novo - Porto Alegre, Brazil

(2019) Mediamatic - Amsterdam, The Netherlands

(2019) Filmtheater De Uitkijk - Amsterdam, The Netherlands

(2020) Sensual Havoc - Amsterdam, The Netherlands

(2020) Jan Van Eyck Academie - Maastricht, The Netherlands
(2021) Carte blanche à Yann Gonzalez - Le Fresnoy - studio national des arts - Tourcoing, France

(2022) Athénée Français - Tokyo, Japan
(2022) Mudaeruk - Seoul, South Korea

(2023) Bogotá Cinematheque - Ciclo Rosa - Furia e Artificiali

Wild Fruits // Assistant Director 
directed by Benrardo Zanotta

16th century: After a period overseas in the Antarctic France, Jean Aurand finds refuge as a servant in the house of French philosopher Michel de Montaigne, where a series of fantastical events change the lives of these two men forever. 

The film is produced by Near/by film and Venin Films and was made with the support of Amsterdam Film for the Arts and The Netherlands Film Fund. 

Premier in April 2024 at Brive Cinema Festival in the International Film Competition category. 


2024 / 34
Shot on 16mm film in colour. 

(2024) Brive Cinema Festival 
(2024) International Film Festival - IFFR X WORM programm

(2024) EYE Filmmuseum - Amsterdam, The Netherlands
(2024) Studio/K - Amsterdam, The Netherlands

(2024) Rencontres Internationales du Moyen Métrage de Brive - Brive-la-Gaillarde, France

In His Bold Gaze // line producer
directed by Bernardo Zanotta

In His Bold Gaze draws on a tragedy taken from real life. The film uses cinematic cliches to delve into the tale of Armin Meiwes - computer engineer from Rotenburg, Germany - who in 2001 found a victim willing to be devoured at the early-internet forum Cannibal Café.

At a visual level, In His Bold Gaze explores the aesthetics of home video and early-digital apparatus through the use of consumer-grade, readily available video cameras. Armin Meiwes’ himself was an amateur documentarist, and his mother’s old house in Rotenburg was the stage where he would capture fragments of his life on tape. These videotapes belong to the German authorities, and the only proof of their existence is a series of screenshots leaked on the internet after his arrest.

Zanotta frames Meiwes' story under the perspective of the Hitchcockian male hero to whom the maternal superego blocks access to a 'normal' sexual relation. Just like Norman Bates, Armin Meiwes lived alone in a countryside manor with his over-controlling mother, who preached to him that sexual intercourse was sinful and that all women were whores.

In His Bold Gaze is produced by NearbyFilm and made with the support of AFK

2020/ 20'
Language: English, German, French / Colour ​


(2020) Queer Lisboa - Lisbon, Portugal 
(2022) International Film Festival Rotterdam - 25 Encounters - Rotterdam, The Netherlands 
(2023) Bogotá Cinematheque - Ciclo Rosa - Furia e Artificialid


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